All the information you need on energy bill assistance for businesses in one place!

Introduced by the government in 2021 to offset the unprecedented rise in energy costs, energy bill payment assistance is a scheme that, despite its complexity, is welcomed as a relief for businesses - but you still need to understand the nuts and bolts and the calculation mechanism!

Of course, you can find a plethora of information on the web, but how do you find your way around? How do you know if you're eligible? What are the most important points to remember? What periods should be taken into account?

Are you looking for a way to offset the rise in your energy bill? Would you like to know more about the conditions, procedures and advantages of this opportunity, but don't have enough time to do extensive research to understand the mechanism?

Your time is precious, so don't miss our special report explaining everything you need to know about this aid!

This practical guide includes

An infographic: The content is both concise and comprehensive, covering all the key points you need to know about this aid: eligibility criteria, documents, procedures and periods to be taken into account!

Fun videos :  In two videos you'll find answers to the questions you're probably asking yourself, and maybe even the reasons why you're not yet eligible!

Unlimited access to webinar replay: Get access to the replay of our latest webinar "When CEE and public aid come to the rescue of companies!" and discover the other schemes you could qualify for to help you cope with rising energy bills. You'll also find case studies and invaluable advice from our experts.

An eligibility test : We offer you the opportunity to test your eligibility in just a few clicks. You can then continue the discussion with one of our experts, whose support will secure your application and maximize your chances of obtaining assistance.

This special file is an indispensable resource to help you understand the mechanisms of energy bill payment assistance and maximize your chances of obtaining help.

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