ECONUM: Supporting the development of an innovative, circular digital economy with reduced environmental impact

Two maturities: 29/11/2023 & 29/02/2024

What is the ECONUM call for projects?

The ECONUM call for projects aims to support innovation projects in sustainable digital technologies through 4 pillars:

  • An eco-design pillar for sustainable digital infrastructure projects based on equipment and software that optimize environmental impact.
  • A reuse/reconditioning pillar for innovative product solutions or organizational models
  • A responsible production pillar that encourages frugal innovation and the functionality economy

What are the eligibility criteria for the ECONUM call for projects?

  • Companies on their own or in consortia, possibly with academic players
  • The cost of the project must be between 300 k€ and 5 M€.
  • The maximum duration of the project is 36 months.
  • The consortium must include a maximum of 5 partners
  • A qualitative environmental impact analysis must be carried out

Selection process

  • Quality of the innovation project: consortium, project set-up, financing plan, innovation intensity, quantification of impacts
  • Replication capability
  • Importance and market relevance
  • Financing plan

Financing terms and conditions

The rate of project financing depends on the activities carried out and the size of the company:

  • From 25% to 70% for research, development and innovation
  • From 50% to 70% for feasibility studies
  • From 15% to 35 for industrialization
  • 50% for consulting services

Depending on the nature of the work, the subsidy will be 60% or 75%.

Will you be a candidate for this call for projects?


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