France relaunches

100 billion euros over two years to build the France of tomorrow around 3 priorities: ecology, competitiveness and social and territorial cohesion.

Main measures of the Plan:

  • Lower corporate tax
  • Lower taxes on production
  • Strengthening of companies' equity
  • Export support
  • Aid for digital mastery and dissemination
  • Creation of a long-term partial activity scheme (APLD)
  • Strengthening of the National Employment Fund (FNE)
  • New assistance for hiring

The France Relance plan thus intends to accelerate the ecological transformation of our territories and the decarbonisation of our economy in particular by promoting research and development of green energies, energy renovation of buildings and premises of VSEs / SMEs, continued investment in nuclear power and the transformation of our agriculture. The objective is ambitious: “to become the 1time large European carbon-free economy by achieving carbon neutrality in 2050 ″.

Through this plan, the objective is also to make our country more competitive and more innovative by promoting the levers to invest in production tools and research and mastery of new technologies participating in the decarbonisation of industry. These levers concern, for example, the support for production in France, the relocation of certain industries (health, industrial inputs, agrifood, etc.), investing in future technologies (5G ..), lower production taxes ...

A more competitive economy will also promote job creation in our territory.

A massive investment is also carried out in the fields of health, mobility, training and maintenance of skills in business, with increased resources that will allow social transformation and better territorial cohesion.

Regarding the launch of the various Calls for Projects (AAP), the privileged sectors are therefore lindustries, agriculture (bioproductions), IT (AI, cloud, cyber, digital health & telecom) as well as transport (automobile, aeronautics and space).

The privileged themes are the ecological transition, ICT, the digitization of territories and exports.

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France relaunches


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