GAC Group commits to gender diversity

In June, GAC Group stepped up its commitment to gender diversity, by becoming partner of the association "Elles bougent", which promotes scientific professions among young girls.

OBJECTIVE: Encourage vocations through testimonies

They move and place the meeting between its godmothers and young girls at the heart of all its events (Forums, visits to sites and specialized fairs, challenges, rallies, conferences, interventions in middle and high schools, etc.). To do this, Elles bougent brings together nearly 3,000 godmothers throughout France.

The objective?

- Introducing middle and high school girls and students to the engineering and technical professions.
- Prove that these (rather "masculine") professions are accessible to girls.
- Enable teenage girls to identify and project themselves through the testimonies of female engineers, technicians and students.
• Encourage vocations!

GAC Group will therefore be taking part in a number of awareness-raising events over the course of the year: Innovation Challenges, Testimonials for secondary school and college girls, Recruitment Forums...

> To find out more about Elles Bougent: website

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