G.A.C.'UP: Integration of innovative start-ups in their acceleration phase.

Because innovation is at the heart of our businesses, we wanted to support young shoots to grow. We therefore opened GAC'UP, our start-up accelerator in 2018.

We had the pleasure of organizing our pitch day for start-ups applying for our G.A.C.'UP program: a program to accelerate your innovations and sustainably leverage the societal and environmental impact of your projects. 🚀

Impactful projects that we enjoyed discovering. Accelerated start-ups will benefit from meetings with investors, potential customers and partners.

To provide systemic support on all strategic and operational issues, we are proud to be surrounded by a network of partners. #experts :
🔑 Action Expertise, firm of accountants;
🔑 LAWREA Lawyers, law office ;
🔑 FINANCIAL PRIVATE FUNDS, private investment fund;
🔑 IRD GROUP, private investment fund;
🔑 LINK (think link), management functions on a part-time basis.

We are pleased to present the winning start-ups of our G.A.C. 'UP program.


Uwinbike is an innovative digital solution born of the need for companies and local authorities to simply implement the new Forfait Mobilités Durables vélo (FMD). Uwinbike offers an application that incorporates artificial intelligence capable of automatically categorizing home-to-work bike journeys.

The application incorporates artificial intelligence capable of automatically categorizing home-to-work bike journeys.

The mobile + web platform, unique in Europe, thus offers individuals, employers and communities innovative services to boost mobility by bicycle and measure its positive effects and act for safety (CO2 savings, real map of cycling flows, organization cycling challenges…). Our tool is valuable for CSR and employer mobility plans.

"Today, we're committed to promoting home-work cycling via Uwinbike throughout France.

Alexandre RICAUD, Innovation co-founder / Bike expert

NOBRAK is a global supplier of technical textile solutions for composite materials. This start-up develops and produces advanced technical textile preforms with patented HV-TFP technology in Build to Print or Build to Spec.

NOBRAK offers to support its customers in the following 4 phases:
1 – Proof of concept: Breakdown into technological bricks
2 – Scale 1 composite prototype
3 – Industrialization of textile preforms (from one unit to several hundred thousand per year)
4 – Large scale production

NOBRAK offers the possibility of transferring under license all or part of the production while offering possibilities of continuous improvement and a back up of production.

NOBRAK, one fiber ahead.

Aymeric Azran

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