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You have heard of the IP Box tax regime, the device that allows you to value your intellectual property assets? You don't know if you are there eligible ?

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IP Box, the tax scheme that allows you to benefit from a reduced tax rate on intellectual property income

Your company develops original copyrighted software ?
You generate income through intellectual property assets that you have developed (licenses, patents, COV)?

You are potentially eligible for the IP Box! 

The IP Box allows companies to benefit from a preferential corporate tax rate of 10% on income from assets from R&D work committed on French territory. 

A little background on the IP Box

Following the recommendations of the OECD, the finance law for 2019 profoundly modified the tax regime for intellectual property products.

Thus, the previous system, which consisted of taxing income eligible for 15%, without any other specific conditions, was deemed not to comply with the approach recommended by the OECD, and therefore replaced.

Thus, the reform of theIP Box now allows you to benefit from a preferential corporate tax rate for R&D work carried out on French territory. Consequently, the companies concerned can benefit from a preferential rate at 10% on income generated by intellectual property assets (patents, COV, licenses, etc.)

IP Box eligibility criteria and perimeters

Want to know more about this tax break? You wish anticipate and prepare your next statement?

To know more about this deviceTo find out more about eligibility criteria, legal subtleties, best practices for calculation and justification, book an appointment with one of our experts!

IP Box support - Customer success

Discover the video testimony of Frédéric GAUTHIER, Administrative and Financial Manager of the VIF Software group 

"With the IP BOX system, we were able to benefit from tax savings of around €300,000. [...] We are very satisfied because, at the same time the case seems to us very solid, the method very documented and serious."

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