Leclerc - Steering of HR indicators (D2BI)

"We're very satisfied with the support we've received and the ease of use of this intuitive tool. We used to waste an inordinate amount of time extracting data from our payroll software and compiling it, which resulted in a loss of information reliability, and we had little visibility over certain indicators. This BI tool is the perfect answer to our needs: to save time thanks to rapid deployment, to have access to reliable information in real time, and to be supported when needed on subjects around DSN, social reporting and HR Reporting."

E.Leclerc hypermarket in PLERIN (22190), this shopping center also has ancillary activities (travel, culture, etc.) and employs 270 people.

Problems at E.Leclerc (Plerin)

  • Digitizing HR data processing
  • Simplify and disseminate HR information
  • Eliminate non-value-added tasks

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

G.A.C. supported E.Leclerc de PLERIN in 2021 with the implementation of its Business Intelligence tool. D2BI.

Solutions provided by G.A.C. Group:

  • DSN implementation, setting up an organizational level (analytical codes)
  • User training
  • Using the solution: setting up and retrieving BDES reports for the monthly CSE, regular implementation of DSNs in the tool, checks following regularization blocks...
  • Follow-up and support: regular milestones

Results obtained

  • Time saving
  • Reliable HR reporting
  • Automating the BDES and checking the gender equality index
  • Continuous improvement of DSNs thanks to compliance monitoring

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