Public grants: 5 key success factors for building your application file

Have you identified the funding window you'd like to apply to in order to accelerate your project? Now's the time to prepare your application... If you haven't already done so, read our article: " How can you identify the right scheme to finance your innovation and investment projects? "

Writing an application for public co-financing for your projects - whether innovation or industrial investment - is never something to be taken lightly. There can be no success without a good candidate project, the presentation of the project and its enhancement are the elements that will trigger the funder's intention. to grant you assistance.

Understanding eligibility and selection criteria

Eligibility criteria are generally spelled out very clearly in the specifications or financial regulations for the various grants (see our article " 5 key points to check your project's eligibility for a public grant ").

The question is more complex when it comes to selection criteria.which it is essential to understand. Not only do we need to understanding the letterbut also the context in which this financing takes placeand therefore the funder's intention (often the State) and how this translates for the operator (e.g. Bpifrance or ADEME).

With that in mind, day-to-day proximity to the various mechanisms is a major asset to adjust the scope of the project according to the explicit and implicit expectations of the funding operator. The selection criteria are, of course, the list of points that need to be addressed in the application.

Highlighting your project's potential

  • Case of an innovation project

In an innovation project, the innovative nature is the primary criterion for assessing. It is therefore essential to provide the reader, who is not necessarily a specialist in your subject (whether from a technical or market point of view), with the information they need to make the following judgments to assess the innovative nature of the project's outcomes, as well as its economic, environmental and societal potential for your company. according to the expectations of the guichet. The expected gains for each of the potential partners in the collaborative project must be clearly highlighted.

  • Investment project

For an industrial investment project, the project's potential is expressed in terms of value creation (sales, diversification, employment, reduced environmental impact...) on a scale that justifies co-investment by public players. The arguments presented must convince the evaluator of this potential, if necessary by means of specific studies.

Draw up a realistic, detailed budget

A detailed budget is a key element of your application. It includes project implementation costswhich includes eligible expenses, as well as a financing plan that explains how you will finance the part of the project not covered by subsidies. The amount of the advertised costs must correspond to a realistic assessment of the work required.

Present the project clearly and precisely

The specifications for the various counters includea document template that precisely describes the information required in the response file. Responding clearly and precisely is a challenge for the credibility and readability of your file. Respecting the reader by presenting elements that are easy to understand and presented with care is essential to giving a good impression of your project and yourself. Don't forget that you are your project's most important asset!

Otherwise, a commitment to transparent reporting on the project's progress and impact, as part of a partnership approach, will reassure the evaluator.

Anticipate preparation time

To conclude, writing an application for a public grant is a process that requires time and attention. Its construction must be anticipated according to the deadline set by the funder or by yourself.

Careful reading of the specifications is therefore essential, but is no substitute for a detailed understanding of the context in which the financing mechanism is to be implemented. At G.A.C. Group, our expert public finance consultants work with operators on a daily basis to understand their expectations.

Article written by

Olivier FALLOU

Expert in public finance

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