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The "Balpacon" team of our G.A.C.'er and sponsor Elles Bougent Helene ROLFO-CAZES receives the jury's "coup de coeur" award!

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What is the Innovatech challenge?

The Innovatech challenge has been running since 2016 and has already seen more than 1,500 female candidates and 20 French regions take part! This women's 100% competition allows young girls, for a day, to be immersed in the life of an engineer/technician and discover the full range of technologies and professions in the industry of the future. After 5 hours' work in intergenerational "hackathon", the teams made up of female sponsors, students and high school girls presented their project to a panel of judges, in the style of a start-up pitch!

Themes addressed sustainable city, smart and connected objects, smart food, transportation of tomorrow, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cybersecurity (non-exhaustive list)

Balpacon, the intelligent balcony!


Our G.A.C.'er / Godmother in the Elles Bougent association, Helene ROLFO-CAZES took part in the 8th Innovatech competition in the Midi-Pyrénées region as part of a team of 2 high school girls and 1 student!

Their project? Balpacon, the intelligent balcony

The team won the jury's "Coup de coeur" award!

We congratulate all the participants of this contest for their commitment and courage!

Theme : Sustainable city 

Issues addressed Management of small spaces in the city (apartments with reduced surface area) + Problem of heat islands

Principle of the intelligent balcony Mobile balcony (folding / retractable) equipped with a vegetal wall and a sunshade equipped with white solar panels - recycling of rainwater to water the plants and to mist the balcony in hot weather.

Operation The balcony unfolds or closes automatically according to the measurements of pressure, temperature, humidity and sunlight.

- In hot weather : unfolded balcony / no direct radiation on the facade, thus limiting heat gain and regulating the heat in the dwelling / energy production thanks to solar panels / white structure of the panels to facilitate reverberation and limit heat islands / misting of plants with recycled rainwater: contribution of freshness / increase in the surface area of the dwelling by adding a balcony

- In periods of low temperature Balcony and folded panels - Radiation on the facade to benefit from the calorific contribution / vegetated part folded on a part of the facade allowing to improve the thermal insulation of the dwelling

- Whatever the period : the presence of the green wall allows to decarbonize

Balpacon allows : 

- To regulate the temperature of the house

- To produce green energy

- To increase the surface of the dwelling

- To decarbonize

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