March 8, 2023, G.A.C. commits to gender equality

We have been committed for years to a process of professional equality between women and men and to equal opportunities.

On March 8, 2023, we celebrate International Women's Rights Day. But we are proud to celebrate all year round, on a daily basis, all womenThe women who transform our companies, those who advance society, those who contribute to a better world.

Every day, we are happy to provide the same opportunities, possibilities and potential and to contribute to more equality and responsibility for positive and collective impacts.

This day is a time dedicated to raising awareness about gender equality and women's empowerment. In this sense, our G.A.C.'ers put forward through posters, causes that they particularly supported. 

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At G.A.C. Group, as a socially responsible company, we implement daily actions that promote the development of inclusion, gender diversity and diversity.

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