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Our collaborator Svetlana Klessova has become the new elected president of the coordinating committee of the ENRICH USA network!

Svetlana Klessova, director of GAC Sophia Antipolis, was elected President of the Coordinating Committee of the European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hubs in the USA (ENRICH in the USA), at the end of December 2019 with the unanimous support of the Committee. The election was organized in light of the decision of the ENRICH USA consortium to

Feedback on the regional potential around the theme “Vehicle Excellence”

Nine months of study of the regional potential in the Southern Region linked to motorsports, cars and intelligent mobility have made it possible to identify a differentiating positioning for the regional ecosystem around the theme “Vehicle Excellence”. During this study, inno TSD, in partnership with ACSAN, formulated a proposal for an action plan to strengthen

2nd NANO 2017 assessment for the General Directorate of Enterprises!

After having carried out the mid-term evaluation of the ambitious NANO2017 R&D program on semiconductors (nearly 700 million euros), inno TSD and Collaborative People are again commissioned by the General Directorate of Enterprises to carry out the project. ex-post evaluation. For more than 60 years, the semiconductor industry has faced increasing challenges for innovation

Génopole - 20 years of innovation evaluated by inno TSD

In its impact study, Inno TSD showed that Genopole, the 1st French biocluster, contributes significantly to innovation, economic development and the attractiveness of the territory (more than 5,600 jobs created or maintained). Génopole is the leading French biocluster and a European benchmark in biotechnologies and biotherapies, particularly around genomics. Resting on a

GAC Sophia, 30 years of innovation in Sophia-Antipolis

This year 2019 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Sophia Antipolis technology park as well as the 500th anniversary of the village of Valbonne Initiated in 1969 by Senator Pierre Lafitte, this 2,400 hectare technological site located near Nice in the South region today constitutes a world benchmark in innovation, employing 36

Launch of ENRICH at the USA East Coast Center

The official opening of ENRICH at the USA East Coast Center in Boston, MA, took place on October 10, 2018. The Center, which is led by project partner InBIA, will provide information and support services to innovators and EU researchers who wish to accelerate access and maximize growth opportunities

GAC Sophia in Inner Flanders: Conduct of a strategy workshop on the residential path of companies

On June 07, 2018, the GAC Sophia and EAI teams met with the technicians and elected officials of the Community of Municipalities of Inner Flanders, at the Méteren space, to develop the strategy for the residential course of businesses. The study on the residential path of businesses in the Community of Municipalities of Flanders

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