GAC Sophia in Inner Flanders: Conduct of a strategy workshop on the residential path of companies

On June 07, 2018, the GAC Sophia and EAI teams met with the technicians and elected officials of the Community of Municipalities of Inner Flanders, at the Méteren area, to develop the strategy for the residential course of businesses.

The study on the residential course of companies in the Community of Communes of Inner Flanders (CCFI) aims to establish both the inventory of fixtures in the territory in terms of ZAE, classic real estate, real estate preferential (nursery, business hotel) and third places, with regard to the needs of endogenous and exogenous businesses in the territory.

After a summary presentation of the salient points of the diagnosis to the elected officials and institutions present, the challenge of the workshop was to reflect and work collectively on the process of welcoming and supporting businesses. The objective was to start from the concrete, around a blank plan of the territory, to arrive at a strategic ambition, by the mobilization of educational and fun animation tools.

Indeed, more than a simple list of business parks and buildings intended for companies, a strategy on the residential route raises deeper questions such as assistance for the creation of companies, attractiveness policies and specialization in one or more fields. Thanks to the great mobilization of elected officials and technicians, these elements of the strategy were discussed and validated during this workshop.

The next step will consist in formalizing the strategy and preparing its operational implementation, by defining a short, medium and long term action plan.

Newsletter G.A.C.