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[Replay Webinar]: International development: how and why to export your innovations?

It is a fact, companies that develop internationally, innovate and generate more turnover.

The international market is the main growth driver to absorb any losses due to the current health and economic situations in France.

To generate more growth, export your innovations! How to go about it ? How to make your expertise shine globally?

We had the pleasure of co-hosting this webinar with the French Tech network, Bpifrance and France Innovation.

What you will discover in this replay:

  • Finance and secure your international development approach
  • Have visibility on international market trends 
  • Diversify into new markets and target the right destination 
  • Identify the right partners in the field 

The SME can be cautious about exporting, given the investment required for its establishment. Exporting requires knowing the host country, finding the right partnerships and distribution networks. 

Would export be a solution to the crisis? Are innovation and export closely linked? Public aid represents more than half of companies' external resources. Certain export aids in particular provide assurances against the failure of the business development, or facing the risks associated with exporting.

Although innovation and export are strongly linked, only 11% of support to SMEs would tackle innovation and export together (according to an ERPI study).

Export and innovate to generate growth?

As INSEE notes, “ All other things being equal, for the same sector and size, whether they belong to a group or not, the probability of innovating is much higher for exporting companies than for others, especially in products, and in particular in new products on the market. the market ".

The more the company's market extends beyond its territory, the greater its propensity to innovate. 

Exporting implies adaptation to an often demanding competitive external market. It is more difficult to establish itself on the international market with already existing products, in particular because of the costs generated by international trade (transport, adaptation to the standards in force in the various countries, etc.) ".

Export generates real effects of learning and specialization on innovation and productivity, provided that the export is intensive and sustainable.

Exporters who invest enough to sustain themselves and expand their exports benefit from these effects.

In contrast, occasional exporters who have "hit and run" strategies in more easily accessible markets will not derive additional innovation and productivity from exporting.

Covid 19: opportunities to seize?

Among the reasons given by those who decided at this stage to put the export on stand-by:

1- lack of visibility into the future (37%) : travel, production, country decisions, HR = lack of information on international markets in real time….

2- the logistics (21%) : this subject includes both the ability to ship export orders ante Covidthan to source imported parts or semi-finished products.

3- rapid decline in orders from abroad (19%).

4- future financial situation (18%) to continue to finance the export.

5- the difficulties ofexecution of export contracts (3%) and customs (2%) are rarely mentioned at this stage.

To develop internationally, it is better to be well supported

Eventually, one can expect that exporters will have a productivity advantage over non-exporters, beyond the initial productivity advantage gained in entering the export market.

Indeed, exporting increases business opportunities by allowing companies to access technologies and knowledge not available in the domestic country, thanks to more direct contacts and facilitated interactions with new competitors, distributors, customers. and foreign suppliers.

In addition, export markets are considered more competitive because they are characterized by sustained and demanding demand to attract a large number of suppliers.

This should encourage firms wishing to set up export operations on a long-term basis to step up their innovation efforts.

Finally, the fact of exporting allows exporting companies to better value their production / - either by achieving economies of scale in the case where the company has chosen "standardization", - or by generating more value by differentiating by adaptation or "customization"

Access to public support suffers from a fairly significant lack of knowledge: almost half of the unsupported companies do not know what aid they can claim

 16 % of supported companies had problems accessing information on possible funding

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