Save time, peace of mind and security with URSSAF and MSA control assistance from our experts in social security contributions!

As a company, URSSAF audits can be a source of apprehension and concern. And rightly so, as this inspection is designed to ensure that the employer has complied with the rules governing the calculation and payment of contributions over the last 3 years, and can have serious financial consequences in the event of errors!

Within the Social Performance team, our specialists in payrollsocial security contributions and DSN support customers of all sizes before, during and after URSSAF or MSA control.

Nearly 70% of URSSAF audits result in regularization. 167 million euros were returned to the companies inspected.


For over 20 years, our consultants specializing in the management of workplace accidents and occupational illnesses have been helping our customers to develop a high-performance, sustainable claims management strategy. Our specialists in social security law will help you to meet your claims challenges with a range of cost optimization methods that safeguard your rights and those of your employees.

Compliance of your declarations in the event of an URSSAF or MSA audit

In addition to the financial stakes, compliance with your declarations and contributions is first and foremost a social responsibility towards your employees. Their social rights depend on these declarations. As potential errors can deprive them of these rights, it is crucial to ensure that your social obligations are respected.

As soon as the company resumes operations in 2021, Urssaf and MSA have significantly stepped up controls to combat fraud. In the same year, the Urssaf recovered 789.4 million euros in contributions to combat undeclared work (source: URSSAF).

Given the complexity of social legislation and the risk of errors, we have designed thesocial charges audit offer to check and correct your declarations and contributions to anticipate and secure your company's situation, and prepare for this meeting with the authorities.

Our support in the event of an URSSAF or MSA audit

Well-versed in legal and regulatory obligations, our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the specificities of declarations and payment of social security contributions. 

Our URSSAF and MSA audit assistance offer helps you to secure the audit process, limit financial and legal risks, and benefit from technical support from a qualified, specialized professional.

In the event of an URSSAF or MSA inspection, your dedicated consultant :

helps you check the compliance of your declarations and paymentsWe can also help you identify any risks of adjustment through a social security audit.

informs you about inspection procedures (duration, documents to be supplied, etc.).

assists you in discussions with the MSA or URSSAF inspectorensuring compliance with procedural rules

assists you in monitoring the controlby analyzing the observations and proposals for adjustment, and by formulating observations or complaints if necessary with the help of an expert law firm.

Our support

Choosing G.A.C. Group means choosing a partner who saves you precious time while ensuring that your social obligations are met. So you can concentrate on your core business, while being sure of meeting your social obligations.

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"Our employees who interact directly with G.A.C. have a better command of their declarations. Our Senior Occupational Risk Management Consultant at G.A.C. GROUP has been running training courses on occupational risk management for the HR community, to help them master the full range of occupational risk issues. We're delighted with the partnership and the work accomplished! We have new challenges to meet together, namely the systematic use of the tool, and the ongoing training of all those involved. These are projects in which we have every confidence in G.A.C.'s expertise.
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"We are very satisfied with D2BI's support and user-friendliness, as it is a very intuitive tool. We used to waste a lot of time extracting data from our payroll software, compiling data, which resulted in a loss of information reliability, and we had little visibility on certain indicators. This BI tool is the perfect answer to our needs: to save time thanks to rapid deployment, to have access to reliable information in real time, and to be supported when needed on subjects such as DSN, Social Reports and HR Reporting".
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"D2BI is a very pleasant and intuitive tool! We've saved time and made our analyses more efficient. The G.A.C. Group experts provided us with excellent support in getting started and deploying the system at each site. They're always ready to listen and help us, and we've always had answers to our needs."
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