TELMMA Property Group

TELMMA, a company of 110 employees, operates in the field of property management and is a specialist in project management, environment & safety, services and condominiums.

Client problem

The need expressed by TELMMA was the verification and securing of tax bases part of the asset portfolio.

Solutions provided by GAC GROUP

GAC Group's intervention covered the following areas:

  • Reconstruction of tax bases from calculation sheets and cadastral maps
  • Verification of tax bases with regard to legal provisions and applicable case law
  • Proposal of recommendations after estimating the amount of associated risks
  • Team training

Why did you choose GAC?

TELMMA has benefited:

  • A detailed photograph of the tax bases on an area of 18,000 M2.
  • Help with decision-making secure thanks to an identified and quantified risk
  • Skills upgrades on topics related to the taxation of real estate, the interaction of taxes and the associated consequences
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